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I offer custom personal commissioned portraits for both personal and corporate applications and even pet portraits. I work mainly in acrylic and charcoal but I can work in just about any medium.

I often work through photographs and via emails and shipping. Please contact me for your very own commissioned art work.

The following is a sampling of my portraits.

"Mason" age 10
16x20 Arcylic on canvas

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Video of a sampling of her portraits 


This is my oldest son, he was 10 when I painted this he is 18 now. A friend took the portrait I used as a reference a few week before I painted it. He needs a new portrait done. He is a wonderful young man.

16x20 Acrylic on canvas

"Olivia Grace"


What a beautiful sweet baby. She is quit the young lady now.


This is entitled "Reflection" 36''X48'' Acrylic on museum quality wrapped canvas stretched over a hand-crafted wooden stretcher frame. Edges are staple-free quality canvas, ready to hang. I am asking $800.00


"Children are a delight a true joy to paint."

16x20 Acrylic on canvas


"Legacy" Mr. Keebler and grandsons.
16x20 Pencil and Charcoal on canvas

Precious child and boy was she Grandma’s little girl. 


14X11 Acrylic on canvas

"Legacy" was in memory of a wonderful man, a man gone but never forgotten, who's family changed history. It was an honer creating this family portrait. Thank you! 


Jesel, May you always be so beautiful.

Self Portrait "Me"

16 x 20 Acrylic on canvas 

"Life is too hard and short so often,

not to be surrounded by beautiful things

and smiling faces."

16x20 Acrylic on canvas

"Best Friends Forever" was inspired from a photo, capturing a touching moment between young friends at the Central Florida Zoo. 


"Best Friends Forever" 18x24 Charcoal on Canvas



16X20 Acrylic on canvas

You look so sweet, but looks can be deceiving. Ok she is sweet, just ornery.






 Brothers with amazing eys!

"Jacob" age 2
16x20 Acrylic on canvas 2005

This is my youngest son, he was 5 when I painted it, he is 13 now. When I took the photo that I used as a reference he was 2 years old. I had quickly snapped the picture just after he had climbed up on to the kitchen table, directly under the bright dining room light. This has always been one of my favorites.


"I work with the client to develop there personal commissioned portraits. I use photos supplied by the client or taken by me to create these unusual intimate close ups that can include a single portrait, Or a portrait of an entire family. Hanging these paintings immediately changes the feeling of a room, providing a focal point and creating an inviting atmosphere which draws you in."

"Chris 1977" age 6
11x14 Acrylic on canvas